Marilyn Sitzman propped up Zapruder & his camera on the pedestal and FBI didn’t interview her….


At long last, do we even know what questions to ask? How do we know to even ask that question or what the correct answer is? How many Russians entwined in the official story of a lone nut, a magic bullet, and a reluctant, accidental Russian immigrant home movie maker are too many?

Meet the family.:

The Russian immigrant grandparents, grandfather’s obit and graves at above link.

Frank – The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University › Settlements along the Volga › Original Colonies

Jun 20, 2014 – In an edict dated 26 February 1768, Frank was given the Russian name of Medeveditskii …

The heretofore unknown federal government employed aunt.:

Larrie Schmidt and friends….merely coincidental, or….????

The emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763 to 1862

Karl Stumpp – 1973 – 1018 pages – Snippet view

All net proceeds from the sale of the books shall revert to and be at the disposal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia and the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Rußland in Germany for the purpose of heritage and cultural research. The contributors have, in this manner, accomplished two worthwhile objectives. 1. They have made possible the publication of the book. 2. They have indirectly given their support to the cultural research activities. HONORARY CONTRIBUTORS LIST $ 28.00-$ 40.00 John Alles, SanGabriel, California Capt. N. C. Altenhof, Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Amen, Loveland, Colorado Miss Ruth M. Amen, Lincoln, Nebraska B. A. Anheliger, Holdfast, Saskatchewan, Canada Myron E. Anderson, Greeley, Colorado Assumption Abbey, Richardton, North Dakota John Baab, Berrien Springs, Michigan Dean C. Batt, Marion, Kansas Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A. Beisel, Saginaw,Michigan Mr. & Mrs. Howard O. Berg, Devils Lake, N. D. Robert H. Billigmeier, Santa Barbara, California Dr. Sc Mrs. Norman Bitter, Fresno, California Bill & Elsa (Silbernagel) Burley, Denver, Colo. Beverly J. Burres, Fresno, California George …

Background on William M Burley, III’s wife, Elsa Silbernagel :

And…..was Marilyn Sitzman aware of or complicit with Larrie Schmidt?