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 By Arjan Hut

How many files, documents and other pieces of evidence relevant to the JFK assassination have been misplaced, lost or destroyed?

It would be nice to have a list of such missing items.
Who was responsible for those items, who or what obscured them?

The temple of Bel, ‘ruined’ by time over centuries, destroyed completely by tyrants on the last day of August 2015.
According to some experts this was because there should be no evidence of any reality beyond ISIL’s world view.

List of missing items mentioned in this thread so far (in order of appearance, list will be updated regularly, AJH.)

1.  Robert Croft’s fourth photo: FBI claims the camera malfunctioned, came back as a blank.

2.  In January 1995, the Secret Service destroyed presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedy’s trips in the fall of 1963.

3.  The tape of Lee Harvey Oswald calling the Soviet embassy in Mexico City.

4.  John F. Kennedy’s brain.

5.  “Unidentified kid”’s pictures. Patrolman Stavis Ellis reported that a kid was taking pictures all the way from Love Field to Parkland. He added that an SS agent at Parkland took away his film, exposed it to light, and kicked it off.

6.  The note / letter delivered by Lee Oswald to FBI-agent James Hosty. Gordon Shanklin ordered it’s destruction two days after Oswald’s death.

7.  The pointy nosed bullet found by Darrel Tomlinson on a stretcher at Parkland.

8.  The intact version of the surveillance photo of Edward Walker’s residence.

9.  The trajectory of the bullet(s) going through Kennedy. Why wasn’t the backwound properly probed? Why wasn’t the neck dissected?

10. Oswald’s CIA files prior to December 1960.

11. The negatives of two of the three Backyard Photo’s, namely 133A and 133C.

12. The part of the Lopez Report concerning Oswald and the CIA.

13. The original air force one tape, a recording of radio communications to and from Air Force One on November 22, 1963

14. The files of William King Harvey

15. David Atlee Phillips’s operational files

16. The files of Anne Goodpasture

17. Files on the interrogation of Yuri Nosenko

18. Howard Hunt’s operational files

19. The files of David Sanchez Morales

20. The files of George Joannides

21. The full CIA Inspector General’s Survey Report for 1964

22. Lee Oswald’s W-2s

23. The tissue slides of the wound margins prepared after the autopsy of President Kennedy

24. Jar containing two bullet fragments from Kennedy’s brain.

25. The file cabinet mentioned by Buddy Walthers containing, “records that appeared to be names and activities of Cuban sympathizers”.

26. The lunch bag and soda bottle from floor that got destroyed by DPD.

27. The handwritten draft of Oswald’s ‘comrade Kostin’ letter to the Soviet Embassy.

28. The surveillance photographs of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico.

29. Camera original of the Nix film.

30. The missing Mexico City transcript.

31. The “Pitzer Film”.

32. The photographs of Kennedy’s brain by John Thomas Stringer.

33. Several frames from the Towner film. (Corresponding frames from the Hughes film are damaged.)

34. The autopsy notes of Commander James J. Humes.

35. The first draft of the autopsy rapport by commander James J. Humes.

36. Photo’s remembered by Dr Boswell that went missing before the 1966 inventory.

37. Dr. Pierre Finck’s handwritten notes taken during the autopsy.

38. Another version of the autopsy report predating the report in the National Archives.

39. The casket that had been used to transfer JFK’s body from Dallas to Washington.

40. The Harper Fragment

41. Missing logs and production from the photobase LILYRIC (RE: Missing Mexico City Surveillance photo’s)

42. Lee Harvey Oswald’s army intelligence file.

43. Dorothy Kilgallen’s folder of JFK-assassination files.

44. Henry McCluskey’s letter to the Warren Committee.

45. 7.65 shell found in Dealey Plaza on 12/02/63, “determined of no value and destroyed”.

46. Photo of (nearly whole) bullet allegedly removed from President Kennedy’s body.

47. George de Mohrenschildt’s CIA affiliate personnel file. Destroyed in November 1964.

48. Mary Moorman Photograph #4

49. Norman Similas’ negatives presented to Toronto Telegram.

50. The original and complete Alyea Film

51. Marvin Wise’s handwritten note with the id’s of two of the three arrested tramps.

52. Large skull fragment from limo.

53. Texas Department of Public Safety records Intelligence file on Oswald (RE: Military Intelligence file on Oswald, RE: Mexico City-tapes and photographs)

54. Photographs and notes taken by James W. Powell.

55. Wallet found at site of Tippit shooting.

56. Three rolls of film (210 photographs) containing items from Oswald’s possessions.

57. Five bullet fragments from Connally’s wounds.

58. Wallet belonging to Oswald returned to Marina Oswald by the Secret Service.

59. Original TV broadcasts and press conferences from the Dallas doctors describing the president’s wounds.

60. Records of the 18 September 1964 Warren Commission meeting.

61. Buell Wesley Frazier’s polygraph-results (“The phantom polygraph”)

62. The emergency codebook on SAM 86972, the Tokyo flight

63. Emergency codebooks on Strategic Air Command bombers on 22-11-1963.

64. Salinger’s copy of transcript of Air Force One radio communications

65. One pink pillbox hat

66. Joint Chiefs of Staff Message 3675.

67. Sales records for Mannlicher Carcano Rifle-C2766.

68. Over 39,000 files from James Jesus Angleton’s  secret collection.

69. E. Howard Hunt’s private (Kennedy) documents

70. A copy of the Mexico City tape, allegedly featuring Oswald’s voice, from Win Scott’s safe.

71. Copies of surveillance photographs,  alledgedly showing Oswald, from Win Scott’s safe.

72. Four chapters from the manuscript of Win Scott’s autobiography

73. 14 minute audio recording of Hoover – LBJ phonecall on 23-11-1963

74. The original bullet fragment retrieved from the scene of the Walker shooting

75. Adele Edisen’s original 1963 FBI testimony

76. Hoovers private, sensitive files on Lyndon Johnson

77. Missing autopsy photograph: The ‘Probes’ Photo

78. United States Marine Corps Special Investigations Team report on Oswald in San Diego and Japan

79. Office of Naval Intelligence files on Oswald

80. The interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald

81. Six or seven pre-autopsy color slides of pre-autopsy post mortem images of the president

82. Four or five black and white prints of pre-autopsy post mortem images of the president

83. “The original windshield”

84. Records of “the Chicago Plot”

85.  JFK White House tape recordings post November 8, 1963

86.  Henry Earl Palmers registration book with the signature of Lee H. Oswald

87.  National Security Action Memo approving “Project Four Leaves”

88.  CIA documents related to the CIA study of the Valkyrie plot that was to be used against Castro, as mentioned in the Higgins Memo

89.  Bullet slug (or piece of skull) picked up by (unidentified) agent in Dealey Plaza

90.  Forrest Sorrels’ notebook

91.  Arnold Rowland’s signed statements of November 26th , 29th , December 1st and 3rd or 4th

92.  One TSDP sixth floor hammer

93.  Sandra Styles’ FBI interview

94.  Record of testimony Dorothy Garner

95.  Pennsylvanian piece of paper connecting Oswald, Ruby

96.  Miscellaneous materials in private collections (part one: Francis Adams)

97.  Jim Hood photograph

98.  One piece of scalp

99.  FBI report on Hardee incident

100. Agent Quigley’s interrogation notes

101. Vial containing part of JFK brain

102. Five or six entire file cabinets of Secret Service JFK assassination related material

103. The license number of the getaway car reported by Tom Tilson

104.  “Numerous depositions before the Church Committee”

105. Church Committee’s interviews with CIA officials about “JM/WAVE”

106. Small snapshot showing Oswald and company in Clinton, Louisiana

107.  “FBI telex of November 17, 1963”

108.  Contact / debriefing rapport on U.S. defector who had lived in Minsk

109.  Guy Banister’s FPCC-file on Oswald’s activities

110. The written record of Sergeant Patrick Dean’s polygraph test

111. Bullet fragment from the floor of the limousine

112. Bullet particles from the limousine’s windshield

113.  Dallas curbing sample

114. Medical notes of Dr. Mikhailina

115. CAP squadron records of Captain Dave Ferrie’s Patrol

116. Hardway memo on Bill Harvey

117. One suspicious diagram of Dealey Plaza

118.  “The Bomb”

119.  FBI’s Pena files

120.  One CIA “Y”-file on Clay Shaw

121.    FBI New Orleans office’s 105 files on Oswald

122.    FBI New Orleans office’s 134 files on Oswald

123.   “Lee Oswald” & “Warren de Brueys” security file

124.  One page from Oswald’s address book

125.  The Mike Howard tapes

126.  “Ferrie’s library card” or Oswald’s New Orleans library card

127.  Oswald’s Defense Department identity card

128.  One Skaggs-slide  (Miscellaneous materials in private collections, part two)

129.  FBI ‘137’ files and Number TK files containing underlying info Peck & Crawford memo’s

130.  Copies of documents obtained from the New York authorities relating to LHO and his family history

131.  “119 (after-action) reports” regarding Oswald

132.  One ten page encoded teletype

133.  NSA copies of CIA Mexico City files concerning “Oswald” visit

134.  FBI radio log for 11/22/63

135.  Informant files for the Marina Oswald wiretap

136.  Unencoded 1963 Cuban operational files

137.  Allen Dulles’s unredacted 1963 calendar

138.  One list of Texas Theater patrons

139.  Weisberg’s taped interview with Jones Printing Co. employees

140.  SA Robert Frazier’s custody cards and notes detailing the deliverance of “The Magic Bullet” CE399

141.  Audio / video of Malcolm Perry press conference

142.  CIA cables concerning Oswald in the Cuban embassy

143.  The 22-11-63 Stemmons Freeway Sign

144.  Tippit’s clipboard

145.  Notes and materials of Joachim Joesten ( Miscellaneous materials in private collections, part 3)

146.  One Coke bottle

147.  Francis O’Neill’s contemporaneous autopsy notes

148.  Miscellaneous materials in private collections, part 4: Captain Michael D. Groves’ mementos

149.  G. Wray Gill’s November 1963 office phone bill

150.  Records of the threat against Kennedy in Tampa Bay

151.   CIA files on William Gaudet

152.   24-11-1963 statement of Sergeant Don Flusche

153.   The original birth certificate of Lee Harvey Oswald

154.  Complete record of hearings of the fourth floor witnesses

155.   Remaining pages of Community Service Society Rapport on Oswald

156.  FBI rapports relating to Ruth and Michael Paine

157.   FBI recordings of Ruth Paine wiretap

158.  FBI rapports relating to George and Jeanne de Mohrenschildt

159.   One movie of Cuban exile training camp

160.  168 passages from “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence”

161.  Background on Thomas Arthur Vallee’s licence plate

162.  Oswald’s original NY school records

163.  Oswald’s original NY court records

164.  Oswald’s original NY psychiatric records

165.  “History of the Counterintelligence Staff 1954–1974”

166.  Frank Sturgis’ 4-4-75 Rockefeller Commission testimony

167.  Rockefeller Commission interview with Judd McIlvain

168.  Marguerite Oswald’s IRS returns

169.  Oswald’s original Beauregard School Records

170.  The original Wiegman film

171.  The original Darnell film

172.  The original Couch film

173.  Tax returns for mystery Smith couple

174.  The original Daniël film

175.  Dealey Plaza sequence of Craven film

176.  Rockefeller Commission Tape of conversation with McGeorge Bundy

177.  Tape of interview with Robert McNamara and General Maxwell Taylor

178.  Two photographs by Carolyn Klein (?)

179.  Parts of the testimony of James Martin

180.  Tapes of Rockefeller Commission interview with Will Wilson

181.  Tape of Rockefeller Commission interview with William piffle. Harvey

182.  123-page CIA file on William King Harvey’s Operations

183.  The complete Albert Schweitzer College file on Oswald

184.  One out of place library card

185.   Oswald’s (unobliterated) Defense Department identity card

186.   Tape of interview of Colonel Sheffield Edwards

187.   Jim MacCammon Dealey Plaza photos

188.   25-11-1963 FBI interview with Myra DaRouse

189.    The personal notes of Clint Hill

190.    Two Houston street photos

191.   “Bob Jackson’s Houston Street Picture”

192.    Rental records of 126 Exchange Place New Orléans

193.    Oswald’s Stripling School Records

194.   “One  Jim McCammon arrest photo”

195.    Original payroll records of Lee Harvey Oswald’s employment at Pfisterer Dental Lab

196.    The photographs taken by congressman Henry González

197.    “Dozens of Tujague Company payroll checks”

198.    Julio Fernandez’ photographs and tape recordings of Lee Harvey Oswald

199.  “Knoll shooter” crime scene photographs & possible physical evidence

200.   JFK autopsy face sheets

201.  Six page 22-11-1963 longhand letter containing testimony of Victoria Adams

202.  One barrel swab

203.  Evidence Oswald bought ammunition for his MC

204.  Evidence Oswald practised with his MC

205.  All of the W.C. stenographic tapes made on April 7, 1964

206.  “One US Customs authentication file”

207.  Documents relating to LHO’s employment at J.piffle. Michaels

208.  Work permits for underage Lee Harvey Oswald

209.  Records relating to 1970 assault on Hale Boggs

210.  Blakey notes from informant files

211.  Records of Reeves Morgan Phonecall to FBI

212.  Lee Harvey Oswald’s Louisiana State Hospital application

213.  “Oswald’s” knife and bar slip signed ‘Hidell’

214.  “The journal of Roscoe White”

215.   Preparation materials and the memorandum on Dan Hardway’s interview with David Atlee Phillips

216.   (CIA Vaughn Index) Document number 1199978, an 8/17/1978 HSCA Memo for the Record ‘Reinvestigation of Third Party’.

217.  (CIA Vaughn Index) Document number 1161490, George Joannides 9/20/1978 Fitness Report

218.  (CIA Vaughn Index) Document number 1153249,  Form Discussing Intelligence Methods re Joannides

219.  (CIA Vaughn Index) Document number 1161488, another (undated) George Joannides Fitness Report

220.  (CIA Vaughn Index) Document number 1153248, another (undated)  Form Discussing Intelligence Methods re Joannides

221.   “The bulk material in one diplomatic pouch”

222.   The sworn (HSCA) testimony of Orest Pena

223.   CIA op files on Richard Snyder

224.   Documentation of the AM/LASH plot

225.   David Ferrie’s original statements to the FBI

226.   The missing content from Oswald’s 201 file

227.   CIA file Boris Tarasoff – official personnel file

228.   Some 15 HSCA tapes of interviews with Boris and Anna Tarasoff

229.  CIA file on Ross Lester Crozier

230.  CIA file on James Walton Moore

231.  08/09/1978 HSCA deposition of David E. Murphy

232.   Governor Connally’s bloody suit

233.  “The AJ Hidell warning letter”

234.  CIA OP files on B. N. Hidalgo

235.  “transcript of inter-vehicle radio channel”

236.  “The Ruby message note”

237.   Presidential limousine SX-100

238.   “The military records of Knoll Shooter John Christian”

239.   The O’Reilly-slug

240.   Arrest records compiled for the Warren Commission

241.   “The DePugh sabot”

242.   The Kinsley bullet

243.   The identity of “279”

244.   One pregnant witness

245.   The Rotterdam American Express Folder on the Oswalds

246.   The Oswald exhumation videotape

247.   Stenographic notes and tapes of James C. Cadigan’s deposition

248.   Box of documents linking Oswald, Ruby, Castro

249.   A bunch of Texas, Nevada, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York, Washington, Miami, and New Orleans Phone Records

250.   Part three of postal form 1039

251.   Spectrographic test results of (magic) bullet fragments

252.   The bullet fragments from John Connally’s wrist

253.   Frank Sturgis’ 75.000 page FBI file

254.   The Kassab Report

255.   Blood samples and spinal fluid from Ferrie autopsy

256.   Diary and related papers of Mary Meyer

257.   Philip Buchen’s 15 page report on CIA’s clandestine anti-castro activities

258.   Prepared testimony of mr. Tennent H. Bagley

259.   Sergio Arcacha Smith’s map of Dealey Plaza sewer system

260.   Richard C. Nagell’s registered letter to J. Edgar Hoover

261.   Richard C. Nagell’s letter to James Rowley

262.   FBI reports (allegedly) mentioning Rosselli / Ruby meeting

263.   Most items found in Richard C. Nagell’s trunk after his arrest in September 1963

264.   Property report & first page of FBI report concerning items belonging to Richard Case Nagell

265.   Photograph of Oswald & Nagell in New Orleans

266.   Tape recording featuring Nagell, Oswald, “Angel” and “Leopoldo”

267.   FBI SA Todd’s initials on CE399

268.   November 1962 strip sheets of Lynn D. Curry

269.   Court Records (and two back-up films) of U.S. vs Landesberg

270.   The identity of the policeman who told Will Fritz that Oswald lived on Beckley St.

271.   The names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons in automobiles in the parking lots around the Texas School Book Depository, and the licenses numbers of unoccupied automobiles in those parking lots taken later in the afternoon

272.   The rent receipts for any place Oswald lived on his own in 1962 and 1963

273.    “JFK details from Murder One”

274.    CIA/JCS study of Valkyrie Plot

275.    Files indicating that Oswald had training in the Russian language

276.    The Marina Oswald Tapes

277.    The source of the 12.45 suspect description

278.    Another ‘ghost’ source

279.    The KGB Tapes

280.    National Photo Interpretation Center (NPIC) records related to the assassination

281.    NPIC official history (including passage about Zapruder film at NPIC)

282.    The PATHFINDER Files

283.    Walker Reports from the Dallas City/County Investigation Laboratory

284.    “Mrs. Beck’s 16mm color film”

285.    The original data used for the Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) of the ballistics evidence

286.    Counter Intelligence Operation involving Priscilla Johnson

287.    The recipient of pouch 234

288.    Another ghost source (2)

289.    “The Gordon Arnold film”

290.     The photograph & identity of Jack Harrison’s Babushka Lady

291.     The identity and photographs of the “Babushka Lady”

292.     Beverly Oliver’s Super 8 Yashica color movie of the assassination

293.      “The Ralph Simpson movie”

294.     Records of 22 January 1964 meeting WC

295.     A study of Babushka’s feet

296.     Beverly’s Babushka camera

297.     Document concerning Regis Kennedy

298.     Most Texas Employment Commission records relating to Oswald

299.     “The Estes Tapes”

300.    One five foot tall KGB file on Oswald

301.    “The Edward Bray film”

302.     Unknown woman’s pictures of ‘sniper’s window’

303.     Moving pictures from upper window Dal Tex Building

304.     Sally Sedgwick Holt’s TSDB shot

305.     Gloria Wilson’s diary

306.     The Posner/Bugliosi copper jacket

307.      Nix-film chain of custody index

308.     Passport and visa records on F. Mark Wyatt

309.     X-Ray showing trail of metal particles

310.     Autopsy photo’s processed by Saundra K. Spencer

311.    Oswald’s envelope to Klein Sporting Goods

312.    Klein’s microfilm records

313.    The bottom part of Oswald’s original Interstate Claims Card

314.    Federal Bureau of Narcotics files on Jack Ruby

315.    Another ghost source  (3)

316.    Oswald’s notebook with details-maps, photographs, sketches, bus schedules & notes of his effort to kill Walker

317.    One original J.R. Michels payroll check

318.    Antonio Veciana’s routing and record sheet

319.    “More than half of the records of the Garrison inquiry”

320.    The Aldredge bullet mark

321.    FBI report with Seymour Weitzman’s detailed description of the rifle found

322.    Aline Mosby’s handwritten 1959 Oswald interview notes

323.    The identity of the person who signed Oswald’s name on the Atomic Museum register

324.    The James A. Hawkins Files

325.    Lee Harvey Oswald’s Texas driver’s licence

326.     One “Vial, Hamilton, Koch & Knox”-file on Jack Ruby

327.     One portion of (partially eaten?) fried chicken

328.     A pack of cigarettes

329.     Another ghost source (4)

330.     A 221-page file of long-secret CIA documents about June Cobb

331.    Original application forms for boxes 2915 and 6225 in Dallas and box 30061 in New Orleans

332.     The original of ‘Holmes Exhibit No. 5’

333.     74 page transcript of James Angleton’s Church Committee testimony

334.     The identity of the ‘Dogwood Motel caller’

335.     Critical part of James Martin’s statement to the Warren Commission

336.    Southwestern Bell records showing calls between Ruby & Oswald

337.     The whereabouts of three TSBD employees during the shooting

338.    Records of Oswald’s 30 minute 23-11-1963 phonecall

339.    Ten feet of CIA Mexico City surveillance film

340.   Identity of male witness near pickup truck behind Texas Theater

341.   Identity of man seen taken out of the rear of the Texas Theater

342.    Original and duplicate of essential Flecha Rosa bus manifests

343.    Oswald’s military orders from the Marines

344.    One 4K high res scan of the Towner film

345.   Critical part of James Martin’s statement to the Warren Commission (2)

346.   Photograph given to SA John Fain by Marguerite Oswald

347.   The postmark on Oswald’s letter to Connally

348.   The sworn testimony of numerous persons of interest (I)

349.   Documents related to the Bay of Pigs-invasion

350.   Volume 5 of Oswald’s Office of Security files

351.   Who told Tennent Bagley about killer comrade Kostikov?

352.   The identity of one Freer, Texas waitress

353.   SA Tom Shipman’s death certificate

354.   Papers compiled by crypto-code operator Eugene Dinkin foretelling a military plot against JFK

355.   FBI follow-up on names mentioned by Dinkin

356.   Eugene Dinkin’s registered letter to RFK

357.   The identity of Dinkin’s Defense Department visitor at the CID detention center

358.   Operational files on David Atlee Phillips dated between 1961 and 1965

359.   FBI File 105-2137

360.   Two men sighting in a rifle

361.   The number JD Tippit dialed at the Top Ten record Store

362.   Oswald’s application for Soviet citizenship

363.   The original of Oswald’s diary

364.   One Berlin stamp

365.   Oswald’s fingerprints taken off the rifle, the paper bag, and cartons at the TSBD

366.   Photo of Oswald’s palmprint

367.   One unidentified TSBD 6th floor palmprint

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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How many files, documents and other pieces of evidence have been misplaced or destroyed by the CIA, FBI and Secret Service?
Why destroy history?
What would have happened if people, if we, could have read and seen what was once there?

It would be nice to have a list. Or compile a list, together, and publish it – or wallpaper Langley with it.

The temple of Bel, destroyed by tyrants yesterday.

Yeah. I just bet the Temple of Bel topped your priority list yesterday.

Obscure agency documents led to the Croft photo and Charles L. Bronson 8mm film and color slides.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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Good one, Jerry.

1. Robert Croft’s fourth photo

FBI claims the camera malfunctioned, came back as a blank.

Robert Croft’s third photo:

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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Falsifying the past in service of radical anti-American beliefs is also wrong. Or to smear innocent people.

Which is what some conspiracy believers do too often. Look at the leading conspiracists: Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, Oliver Stone.

Those three men were and are simply, to be blunt, dishonest to the core. Garrison’s case against Shaw was a fraud. And yet the conspiracy crowd thinks they are heroes. Please.

If you hate American, fine, feel free to criticize her; but don’t use this tragedy to promote your hatred.

Again: not all conspiracists are this way. Many are sincerely grieved by what they think happened. I applaud you; really. But unfortunately your voice gets drowned out by those with political goals in mind.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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All I’m asking for is a list (or help in compiling one) of missing or destroyed evidence. Material that existed, could clarify matters one way or the other, but is gone.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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Good one, Jerry.

* Robert Croft’s fourth photo: FBI claims the camera malfunctioned, came back as a blank.

Robert Croft’s third photo:

Not a “claim”. It’s what was found.

The FBI didn’t make the camera malfunction. They didn’t know:

– Kennedy was going to be assassinated;

– Robert Croft was going to be there with a camera.

Croft himself was never specific: “I can’t tell you at this point anything about the shots, numbers, or where they were.”

A 1963 report on Croft has him thinking one of his pictures was taken simultaneously with a shot (the FBI put it this way: “Croft believed the last picture taken by him was taken simultaneously with the shot which killed the President.”)

In other words, the idea that the blank slide was simultaneous with the head shot is how the FBI characterized it, not necessarily how Croft actually stated it. His third photo does coincide with the first shot, hence the association with a photo and a shot. Croft was in no position to take a photo of the head shot.

Even Trask tied the fourth photo to the blank, based on how the FBI erroneously characterized what Croft described. Of course, there’s no convincing chumps otherwise.

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Re: Erasing the past to protect a fairytale
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2.   Presidential protection survey reports for President Kennedy’s trips in the fall of 1963

“…In January 1995, the Secret Service destroyed presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedy’s trips in the fall of 1963. The Review Board learned of the destruction approximately one week after the Secret Service destroyed them, when the Board was drafting its request for additional information. The Board believed that the Secret Service files on the President’s travel in the weeks preceding his murder would be relevant.”

From the ARRB’s final report.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1963

“It is interesting to note,” wrote Doug Horne, the chief military investigator for the Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB), in a memo (dated April 16, 1996), that three events — Oswald’s departure from New Orleans…Angel–Leopoldo visit to Sylvia Odio in Dallas,…and the Oswald visits to the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City all occur immediately after un-named White House sources report to the press that on September 24, 1963 a final decision was made to visit Texas on a 2-day trip scheduled for Nov. 21–22, 1963…The Secret Service Protective Survey Reports…which were destroyed in 1995, commence with trip files starting on this same date: September 24, 1963.”

(Bill Kelly)

Secret Service agents (l-r) Clint Hill, Roy Kellerman, and Bill Greer

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